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Why does your organisation need to invest in mental health?

Why does your organisation need to invest in mental health today?

*All data stated in reference to Deloitte report (2022): ‘Mental health and employers: The case for investment – pandemic and beyond’

The estimated annual cost of poor mental health in the UK is £56 billion*

Absenteeism - £6.10bn
Presenteeism - £27.6bn
Staff turnover - £22.4bn


51% of all employees felt their employer did not support mental health adequately*


Poor mental health costs an organisation £2,928 per employee


61% of all employees resigning stated mental health as a contributing factor 

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The cost of employee turnover is on average 40-50% of the annual salaries of the employees departing
- Deloitte (2022): ‘Mental health and employers: The case for investment - pandemic and beyond'


Our research estimates the actual cost of employee turnover for a high-performing employee can be as much as…

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…of their annual salary

The Great Resignation Crisis

Mass Resignation in the UK

28% of all employees resigned (between 2020-22)

Hard-to-fill vacancies

47% of all employers report having vacancies that are hard-to-fill

Vacancies to increase

27% of all employers expect the number of vacancies that are difficult to fill to increase in the near future

Join MindHug today & ensure the wellbeing of your employees

Join MindHug today & ensure the wellbeing of your employees


A motivated and friendly relationship manager who acts as an extension of your wellbeing team 


Annual wellbeing audits and pulse surveys to understand your organisation’s wellbeing needs


Tailor-made solutions, training, workshops and events for your organisation’s needs


Discounted solutions, workshops, training, events and add-on services – including our digital app

Therapeutic Programmes and Workshops

Therapeutic Programmes And Workshops

From mindfulness meditation to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT),  Art therapy, Music Therapy and everything in between. We pair organisations with people and cutting-edge, evidence-based programmes, workshops and training that will reduce stress, ease feelings of anxiety and depression, and help individuals feel more like themselves

Music is an outlet for psychological and emotional expression and aids physical rehabilitation. It can also help elevate mood, relax the mind and reduce stress. Our therapists create bespoke sessions in music creation, song writing, singing & listening.

Studies have proven art therapy and therapeutic art can help stimulate self-awareness and help tap into deep perceptions, imagination and feelings. Sessions can focus on drawing, painting or sculpting, with emphasis definitely on the process rather than creating a masterpiece.

Our sound therapy focuses on instruments, sound baths, binaural beats, Solfeggio frequencies and meditation. The sound waves produced can help reduce stress and anxiety, foster positive moods and promote creativity. For some they also help with past traumas, boosting memory and lengthening their attention span.

This cognitive therapy aims to make physical, psychological and social relationships healthier, improving quality of life. It can also have a positive effect on the immune system, help reduce stress and improve communication, helping to build an environment of trust and support.

Yoga is immensely effective in improving concentration, increasing body awareness and sense of belonging, calming and centring the nervous system and reducing muscle tension. Our sessions include different styles of yoga, breathwork and meditation. You don’t need to be a pro and can practise individually or in groups or workshops.

Animal-assisted therapy, or pet therapy, can help people tackle many mental barriers by releasing calming endorphins throughout the body. This can reduce pain, stress and improve your overall psychological state. The positive impact of bonding with animals is also shown to help develop social skills, raise self-esteem and increase overall happiness.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, or CBT, focuses on current problems and offers you a practical way of improving your mental wellbeing day-to-day. Commonly used to treat anxiety and depression, its aim is to change negative thought patterns and their impact on feelings and behaviours.

Poor Mental Health, Stress & Anxiety can further lead to these problems

Poor Mental Health, Stress & Anxiety can futher lead to these problems

Poor mental health, stress and anxiety will also have significant ancillary costs on the business. It not only negatively impacts the relationship between employees but also how they interact with customers. We highlight some of this below:

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Increased risk of conflict between employees
£ 0

Increased cost of conflict per employee

0 %

Increased risk of being impatient with customers

The Return on Investment (ROI) on mental wellbeing spend is 6:1 for solutions like MindHug Concierge that focus on embedding an organisational culture of wellbeing

Reactive measures - 3:1
Proactive measures - 5:1
Wellbeing Culture - 6:1

We estimate that investing as little as £20 per employee per month in the right solutions could reduce the total mental health burden of a company by 50%

Testimonials from Clients & Therapists

Diana Yin
Diana YinInnovation Advisor UCL Innovation and Enterprise
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​“Thanks team! I came in tired after a whole day of work (also end of the week), but came out relaxed and happy, almost ready for the week ahead ;)”
Dan Norton
Dan NortonDirector of People, Bonhams
Read More
"We partnered MindHug Concierge to deliver workshops including as part our Mental Health Awareness week and were impressed by the range of workshops and therapists available"
Becca Staple
Becca StapleMindHug Moments attendee
Read More
“Having activities to try was a really good way to engage and understand how it can really help"
Fabio Richter
Fabio RichterCEO, LauLau
Read More
"The Therapeutic Art workshop by MindHug allowed me to reconnect with my inner child to create a sense of play and experimentation that I haven’t experienced in a long time. After the workshop I felt grounded and fresh to tackle the day ahead”
Lisa Portz
Lisa PortzHead of Acceleration, LSE Generate
Read More
"MindHug’s Art Therapy session was incredible for my team in a number of ways: in just one workshop we grew closer together, understood each other better and the trust between the team members just went to another level. All in all - could not recommend it more!"
Julie Ostrow
Julie OstrowHumour Coach
Read More
“MindHug...the name says it all. Getting a cozy, comforting hug— along with a dash of encouragement. Especially when I’m feeling stressed, anxious or worried. Perhaps it’s the same for other people"
Anniek Verholt
Anniek Verholt MindHug Partner
Read More
​"I got involved with MindHug as a therapeutic arts advisor at an early stage. Their strong vision, hard work and kind approach has made it an absolute pleasure to work with them"

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