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Improve the mental wellbeing of your students or employees
If you’re a university, business or corporation, our concierge service is designed to help you build, plan and implement a mental wellbeing strategy for your students and/or employees. You’ll work closely with our inhouse psychiatry team and network of therapists. Our solutions are tailored to individual needs, across a range of therapies such as music, art, sound, mindfulness and humour. We’ll also be offering workshops, events and retreats covering resilience, gratitude, yoga, mindfulness meditation and leadership, just as soon as it’s safe to do so. These sessions are currently offered virtually. We can tailor our solutions to whatever your needs and MindHug Concierge (TM) is currently available for a Founder’s Rate* of 50% off your first 2 months.
A table showing the benefits that MindHug Concierge offers and how much it costs
*Founder’s Rate only applies to a 12 month subscription.
If you’d like to hear more about how we can help maintain the mental health of your employees and your business, then email us on for an informal, no obligation chat. Alternatively you can use the form below, we’d love to hear from you.
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If you or a loved one is in crisis and needs urgent help, please use our Crisis Resource link. Alternatively, if you feel you are a danger to yourself or others, call 999 immediately.
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Telephone: +442038702691
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