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MindHug will soon be launching its app, MindHug Digital. Combining 1-2-1 therapy, digital content, mood tracking, and AI – we help individuals find the therapeutic solutions that work best for them. Everyone is unique and so should be the solutions for their mental wellbeing

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some of our content

Therapeutic Art

Studies have proven art therapy and therapeutic art can help stimulate self-awareness and help tap into deep perceptions. Sessions can focus on drawing, painting or sculpting, with the emphasis definitely on the process rather than creating a masterpiece.

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Therapeutic Art Introduction

Let’s understand the principles behind Art Therapy and Therapeutic Art


Art Doodles

Relaxation through simple doodling


Watercolour Relaxation

Let’s use the power of Art to check in how we are doing

Yoga & Breathwork

Our sessions include different styles of yoga, breathwork and meditation. You don’t need to be a pro and can practise individually or in groups or in workshops.

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Yogic Breathwork

Breathing is our life force. Jess, shows here a series of Yogic Breathwork.


Sun Salutations A

Sun salutations are synonymous with Yoga. Here, Jess shows a series of sun salutations


Seated Yoga

This easy to do yoga session can be done while being seated

Music Therapy

Music is an outlet for psychological and emotional expression and aids physical rehabilitation. Our therapists create bespoke sessions in music creation, songwriting, singing & listening.

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Music Relaxation

Let’s try to relax by playing some music


Therapeutic Songwriting

Learn the secrets of therapeutic songwriting

Mindfulness & Meditation

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Power of Acceptance

Some things are just out of our control. This meditation technique will guide you through acceptance so you can heal and grow


Meditation for Inner Peace

A simple meditation to help you on the journey of inner peace


Cultivating Gratitude & Joy

Gratitude can help you create a vacuum so that you can focus on joy


Still the Mind

Just a little something to help you with anxiety and racing thoughts

How we always get amazing results.

With a combination of 1-2-1 sessions, digital content, a ‘mood diary’, workshops, events and retreats, we’re here helping our therapists do what they do best – to give people the MindHug they need.