Our Team

Built on the vision of our CEO after some personal challenges in his own life, MindHug is a UCL (University College London) incubated mental wellbeing startup. The founding team has nearly 50 years of combined experience In psychiatry, risk, regulation, finance, marketing, branding and technology. We’re a small but passionate team, currently divided between the UK and India, but in time we hope to be able to expand to other countries around the world.
Chitraj (Raj) Singh, CEO / Co-Founder, MindHug

Chitraj (Raj) Singh
CEO / Co-Founder
Dr. Thaddeus Cheung, Chief Medical Officer / Co-Founder, MindHug

Dr. Thaddeus Cheung
Chief Medical Officer / Co-Founder
Chris Hart, Brand Experience Director / Co-Founder, MindHug

Chris Hart
Brand Experience Director / Co-Founder
Bala Subramanyan, CTO, MindHug

Bala Subramanyan
Chief Technology Officer
Rajpal Gujral, Company Secretary / Contracts Manager, MindHug

Rajpal Gujral
Company Secretary / Contracts Manager
Sakshi Agarwal, Business Manager, MindHug

Sakshi Agarwal
Business Manager
Ali Emam, Intern, MindHug

Ali Emam
HR Strategy Manager
Anniek Verholt

Anniek Verholt
Therapeutic Arts Advisor
Dr Robert Smith

Dr Robert Smith
Science and Technology Advisor
We’re always on the lookout for new talent, so if you’re passionate about mental wellbeing and would like to join us on our journey, then we’d love to hear from you. Send your CV to hello@mindhug.io, tell us a little bit about yourself and we’ll get back to you for an informal chat.